The SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE is a symbol for small to medium sized food producers to highlight their commitment to growing or farming food:

  • without the addition of synthetic chemicals
  • using low impact, ethical and sustainable practices
  • for local consumption

The SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE aims to support benign growing practices in farming that:

  • use organic standards as a guide
  • exercise responsible stewardship of soil, water and other natural resources
  • exercise ethical and humane animal husbandry
  • are economically viable
  • are ethical, transparent and honest in their operations


  1. Pledge to farm or produce food in accordance with certain principles known as the SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE Principles.
  2. Agree to have an open gate policy and to be willing to open their farm or business to the public at least one day a year.

In return, they get

  • an individual FREE listing on our website

and access to additional features, such as

  • options to display the SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE
  • marketing and other useful resources


These are businesses that buy produce from local SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE producer members. For instance, businesses such as restaurants, cafes, farm shops, market stalls, etc.

Supporters must be nominated by at least one SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE producer member before a submission is considered.

Supporters also get an individual FREE listing on the website and access to additional features such as the option to display the Supporter SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE.

Why should

I join?


Increased visibility helping to create more marketing and sales opportunities

The Pledge attracts more customers by providing:

  • Trust, transparency and traceability. Customers know who, where and how their food is being produced
  • Easier access to healthy, fresh and nutritious food
  • Social gain, where customers know their buying decisions are helping the local economy, the environment and the local community

A managed online presence, reducing the necessity for an individual website

The time needed to maintain a website can be prohibitive, especially when you are self employed and/or a sole trader. YLFN provides Pledge holders with a clear, informative and attractive online presence. Your listing will say what you do, where you are and how people can buy from you. The directory is easy to navigate and search engine optimised. There are opportunities to get a regular mention in the associated YLFN blog and monthly newsletter.

Differentiation from competitors by effectively communicating your commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices

Displaying the Pledge highlights your respect for the environment by promoting benefits such as:

  • Fewer air miles through local trading, less food waste and a reduction in packaging
  • Chemical free farming, which leads to less chemical pollution and healthier soils and biodiversity
  • Creating awareness around the environmental issues affecting our food systems and encouraging conversation between producers and consumers


SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE food producers and supporters pledge their agreement and support for the following General Principles:

  • Food should be grown and processed using sustainable, non-polluting methods as close as possible to those found in nature.
  • Food should be, wherever possible, traded and consumed within a short distance of where it was grown.
  • Close links should be encouraged between growers and consumers.
  • Consumers, retailers and distributors should be encouraged to give preference to locally grown food.
  • Open and frank conversation between consumers, retailers and food producers about food and ingredient provenance and farming/production practices should be actively encouraged.
  • Renewable sources of energy should be used by food producers wherever possible. Packaging should be at least recyclable: biodegradable or compostable is preferable.
  • Food crops and growing methods should take local growing conditions and climate into consideration.
  • All food production should take local culture and local needs into consideration.
  • Everyone involved in food production and processing should be able to attain a quality of life which meets their basic needs and allows an adequate return and satisfaction from their work.
  • Simple food is an integral part of life and community, rather than merely a commodity for profit. Control over food supplies should be in the hands of growers and consumers, not corporations.
  • Production, processing and distribution of food should be socially just and ecologically responsible.

SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE food producers also agree to farm or grow according to certain Practice Principles which can be read and printed by clicking here.

Find out how to apply to become a part of our growing community