Summerlands Farm
Mountain Lodge, Knockfune, Toor, Newport, County Tipperary V94 Y0P9

Summerlands Farm is a small-scale (1/4 acre) market garden located in North Tipperary. Our mission is to join the global movement of farmers growing food through the use of regenerative agriculture and building community by promoting food sovereignty through a local economy.

We do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Instead, we attempt to minimise soil disturbance (no-dig method) to promote a healthy habitat for microorganisms, reduce weeds (making pesticides obsolete), and promote carbon sequestration. All fancy terms to basically say, we are doing our best to grow delicious, nutritious, responsible veg.

We are in our first season and looking for farmers market availability and/or to collaborate with other local growers, chefs/caterers, or farm stores who resonate with our mission and methods.