Robins Glen Organic Produce
Robinstown House, Glenmore, Y34 D925

Robins Glen is a family run farm business, promoting and selling Irish, organic grain and seed products grown on our farm in south Kilkenny and certified by the Irish Organic Association. We hope to substitute some of the imported grain products that you purchase for your livestock, poultry, birds and pets with Irish organic products. With products from Robin’s Glen you know where it was grown and who grew it and how it was produced. This is not always possible with many of the imported animal and bird products you purchase today.

We supply organic livestock feed to farmers. Call or email to discuss your needs and for a quote.

Our website also promotes and sells Irish organic grain and other organic animal feed products for smallholders and for household pets. We deliver them in small packs of 1kg to 25kg packs directly to your door. So whether you have a pet pig, poultry or just enjoy feeding the wild birds in your garden give them organic, Irish grains and seeds.

Robins Glen organic Irish birdseed
Robins Glen organic Sunflower
Robins Glen organic Irish birdseed