Magners Farm
Moyglass, Fethard, County Tipperary E91 E528

We are a family run pasture range farm producing only grass fed products. Currently in conversion for organic status. All organic feeds and practices.

Our hens spend their days grazing on chemical free, natural grass with fresh air and clean water. At night they retire to their warm custom built shed. We move them on to fresh grass every week (sometimes every day!) and they leave behind their lovely organic fertiliser for our pasture to thrive on. This all adds up to a delicious, nutritionally dense, chemical free egg which you can trust was produced by a very happy and contented hen.

It’s the same style of management we use for the chickens we make our chicken bone broth from. Out on grass from 5 weeks, they are free to roam over the lush pasture, roost, dustbath and act like chickens should. They take longer to mature, are more active and the taste? Amazing.

We were voted the 2018 Chef’s Choice at the Irish Food Awards – Blas na hÉireann

Where to buy our eggs, chickens and bone broth…