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Our mission is to promote sustainable production, trading and consumption of seasonal, wholesome and local food.

We celebrate the food producers in our own locality that labour to put nutritious, wholesome fare on our plates. We applaud their respectful working methods and strive to give them a louder voice in their communities. An important function of our online hub is to host the SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE membership.

The SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE is a symbol for small to medium sized food producers to highlight their commitment to growing or farming food:

  • without the addition of synthetic chemicals
  • using low impact, ethical and sustainable practices
  • for local consumption

The SIMPLE FOOD PLEDGE aims to support benign growing practices in farming that:

  • use organic standards as a guide
  • exercise responsible stewardship of soil, water and other natural resources
  • exercise ethical and humane animal husbandry
  • are economically viable
  • are ethical, transparent and honest in their operations

Find sustainably produced, local food products across Ireland

Why we need to save our Irish seeds The Irish Seed Savers Association was founded in 1991 by Anita Hayes to preserve the seeds of rare heritage agricultural plants. In 2014 when the Department of Agriculture drastically reduced funding, their vital work was left hanging by a thread. With the help of a crowd funding…

Fruit and veg in season September

So many apples. A mountain of tomatoes and a daily collection of raspberries. Despite not planting too many vegetables this year the garden is treating us to a bountiful harvest. There’s a lot to be said for perennial food plants. If you miss your sowing and planting slots in spring then the opportunity for a…

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